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Thank to you my Mom and Dad for their love and support on this trip and in the months leading up to it. For not being sure about my choice to come here but being excited for me anyway.
Thank you to Pierson, Lindsay and Jay for getting me really wasted one day which pushed the idea of coming here to the forefront. Apologies to the patrons of the bars who had to answer the question " If you met a boy/girl tomorrow and they asked you to go to Cambodia would you go?"
Thank you to Kent Schmidgall for keeping me insured on this trip.
Thank you all my friends and family in Akron that came to have tacos with me before I left on this journey.
Thank you Francesco Renna for the beers and conversation and sharing with me your own journey and reminding me that life is fragile and taking chances is one of the few excitements we get in this life.
Thank you to Amanda and April for the going away beers and a few nights out in Akron and Barberton and places I would probably have never visited, especially the Corner Cafe.
Thank you to Katie for the world map that I got to hang on my bedroom wall to keep me focused for the 12 months leading up to my leaving.
Thank you to Five Guys for providing me a quality job that allowed me to save the money to come here.
Thank you to the BV crew for an awesome week at SXSW in Austin, TX.
Thank you to Monique for inviting me to New York City and taking me to two fantastic burger spots and actually taking time off work. I know that was hard for you :)
Thank you to Matt and Ruth Kaplan for enjoying both of those burger experiences with me and for sending me off.
Thank you to Joey and Jen Wildroudt and Matt and Kathy Krietemeyer for the Kindle Fire which has kept me occupied a lot during this trip in the down moments. It also provided hours of entertainment for the kids at the center, mini fruit ninjas.
Thank you Angie for the conversations and the support of knowing what is like to be 31 and wondering what a career actually is.
Thank you to Facebook and Skype for keeping me in touch with everyone.
Thank you Molly for the support from India and understanding the difficulties of living in Asia.
Thank you Jonathan for my first month here and a lifetime of pictures and memories and getting me out of my comfort zone.
Thank you Coralie, Camille, Rudy, Nick, Ben, Beth, Adam and Barry for being some of the best dorm mates a guy could ever ask for.
Thank you Christy for visiting me during your travels.
Thank you Mirjam for the chats about life.
Thank you Arian for seeing me off in Austin, TX and for being an inspiration and a reason to be on this journey.
Thank you Izzy for your words of encouragement through all of my doubts and your advice and the mini backpack and neckerchief.
Thank you to Beth and Mark and Lila for the unexpected Skype chat when I first arrived and making me feel a little less homesick.
Thank you Borey for being one of the hardest working people I have ever met and reminding me to take a job and make it your own and to do it 110%. I do not think anyone makes better cocktails and no one makes them with more pride and customer service.
Thank you to the Faulds family for providing me a few warm meals and conversations and giving me that family feeling away from my own.
Thank you to the Mad Monkey and staff for making me feel like this was my home and providing me endless hour of conversation and laughs.
Thank you Melissa for understanding that I needed to go and volunteer and for doing your best to accept my leaving.
Thank you to everyone at ANDC for providing me with tasks at the center and being helpful and being appreciative.
Thank you to Annette for giving me the opportunity to come here.
Thank you to ESPN for putting the ANDC story on the website and planting the seed.
Thank you Joseph sir for keeping me on my toes with your prodding emails and advice and for allowing me to continue working at Five Guys even when you knew I was coming here. Your mentoring has been priceless.
Thank you to Dana and Rachel for your timely messages and facebook posts and always providing me with a smile.
Thank you to my sister Julie for probably never understanding me but always supporting what I do, I could not ask for more from a sister.
Thank you to John Mayer for the album Born and Raised and your rebirth.
Thank you America for not allowing smoking almost anywhere. Asia get on that.
Thank you lucky burger for doing your best to imitate mcdonalds. Chipotle please come to Asia soon.
Thank you Therak and Darren for being some amazing drivers and for being even better friends during my time here.
Thank you to the USA doughnut shop for feeding me breakfast every morning and chipping in a few extra doughnut holes for my loyalty.
Thank you Circa 51 for the greatest pool outside of Udall.
Thank you Cambodia for allowing me to lose weight.
Thank to the VIP gym for allowing me to work out for $1 a day, well $1.50 now.
Thank you to the french bakery Comme a Le Maison bakery for my nightly dinner of your fresh and delicious baguettes.
Thank you to the bootleg DVD guy who helped make the rainy days go by faster.
Thank you to the guy who invented bicycles because I have loved being on one again and that being how I get around this city.
Thank you to Flavour restaurant for providing the best New Year's Ever party ( impromptu) that I have ever attended.
Thank you to Canadia Bank for having fee free ATMS here in Cambodia.
Thank you Elena for the delicious cupcakes on the day of my departure.
Thank you to the Garcia's for the going away party and all of the FIve Guys employees who showed up.
Thank you to Uncle Bill Immler for the discussion about Lebron, Walden, and life in general. Your insight and wisdom were needed on this trip.
Thank you to the ANDC kids for the reminder of what it is like to be young and full of hope and reminding me that kids will always be the future and it is up to us as adults not to screw it up.

Thank you to all the friends and family that have just talked with me on this trip and read this blog and made me feel like I accomplished something. You have been my inspiration and my hope and I am forever grateful for that. I hope I did not forget anyone or anything but I guess that is the risk you take in these sorts of messages. You are loved and your story is important today. I am done with this blog and writing but not traveling. One last question....What do you love?


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